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The process of creating a beautiful monument begins once Nelson craftsmen select only the finest granite from quarries the world over in solid block form. They are then delivered by a combination of container ships or transport trucks to their “block sawing” facility where they take shape under the watchful eye of our staff.

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At Nelson, we purchase only the finest granite’s, combining generations of craftsmanship with our efficient manufacturing facilities. We will NOT use granite that does not pass our quality control standards.

We offer an extensive array of design options to provide you with the highest level and quality at the most competitive prices. That is the reason that more and more families are choosing their memorial from Nelson Monuments. Its tremendous natural beauty, with the deepest colour and gem-like shine, makes it highly sought after for elegant homes and business decor, both interior and exterior.

Nelson Monuments is proud to proclaim itself a Canadian leader in the creation of fine granite monuments and has become an industry innovator with over 100 years of professional experience. From war memorials to a Celtic cross on Moncton’s waterfront to donor walls, Nelson Monuments uses high quality granite to capture history in stone and encase memories for generations to come.

As a memorial is a permanent symbol for remembrance of a dearly departed, it is usually a purchase you will make only once. Therefore, we ensure that every effort is made to pass on pertinent information we believe you will need to make the choice of monument that is perfect for you.

Please consult your nearest Nelson Monuments agent for further information.