Do you ever wonder what older generations used to mark graves? Gravestones were always slabs of stones stuck in the ground with information about their identities, such as their names, dates, and deaths. The earliest grave markers are as old as 3000 B.C, which was also when they started customizing them with sentimental drawings and words.

Today’s gravestones are different because people are still inscribing drawings and sayings to commemorate their loved ones. The only difference is that technology allows us to imprint many more symbols in better and complex ways. Here are a few tips on choosing custom memorials in Truro, Canada, that will truly honor their life and give you the satisfaction of serving them well in their absence.

Tips on choosing the best tombstones in Truro

Understand the rules

Different cemeteries have different regulations and rules. These rules determine the material you can use, the size of the headstone, and accessories you can add, and how you should install the headstone. We observe that most cemeteries have rules in place to ensure they have an easy landscape maintenance program, reduce burglary cases, and control the spacing between each graveyard, among other factors.

Headstone type

There are many different types of headstones from granite monument manufacturers, and each one has different traits in regards to the material, embellishment, and size. The following are some categories of major headstone types:

  • The upright headstone is a traditional type and usually has marble, limestone, or granite, among other materials.
  • The flat headstone usually contains bronze or granite and has a range of colors, sizes, and materials.


The headstone’s material is essential because it determines the impression you get from the customized gravestones in Truro. Some people look at the durability of the material and how the stone can take up a gravestone design like a picture or carving. Here is a general understanding of gravestone materials:

  • Granite is an easily adaptable material that takes up different colors and finishes better than other materials. Most people like granite because it has a better aesthetic appeal and lasts long without chips or cracks.
  • Marble – The bright white marble can have blue or grey textures and looks great with minimal drawings. Marble does not take up weird shapes too well; hence it is best to use it on standard-shaped gravestones that do not need much manipulation.
  • Concrete is not the longest lasting of most materials, but it takes shape into many different forms quickly.


The suitable memorial headstone finish in Truro depends on the visual effect you want from the gravestone. Some standard finishing materials include the smooth and shiny polish, a non-reflective finish with several colors, or a rustic finish. The type of finish you choose determines whether you can include a picture and the kind of drawings that will take shape and be visible.

The above are just some factors to help you choose a headstone or granite pet memorial to celebrate a dear departed soul. Checking our website or requesting a brochure of our gravestones will help you in choosing the right one.

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