The headstone is a profoundly personal and essential piece to honor our loved ones for the last time. Most people will only purchase or be involved in purchasing one or two gravestones throughout their life; hence they do not invest a lot of effort thinking about headstone ideas. They are too overwhelmed with the incident, so it is highly improbable they will think of a unique and memorable design as a symbol of honor.

Is it necessary to be creative about a gravestone? The last symbol of a loved one’s life is one of the few things that will last forever and commemorate how they lived. It is better to work with a designer who can accommodate your design while staying within the cemetery’s regulations. There are numerous ways Nelson Monuments can create a headstone, including the following:

  • Artistic
  • Classic and ageless designs
  • Unique and contemporary
  • Youthful
  • Slanted designs to fit onto the ground

Understanding different gravestone designs

The circumstance of your person’s passing or their life will guide you in choosing the fitting headstone. We know that great designs should bridge the gap between aesthetics and purpose; hence we want you to understand the meaning behind the most common styles. Ultimately, all your gravestones will fit the following groups:


These designs have consistent themes like symbols, words, or phrases that align with the faith. Typically, we can etch the stones with prayers, verses, and symbols like the Quran or Bible to reflect the person’s faith and life. Keep in mind that this method is only one way of creating a headstone, which means you can make it as creative and artistic as necessary while maintaining the religious connotations.


Headstones can be as unique and beautiful as you want to represent the diversity of your person’s life. We all know that people do not live a black and white life and walk the straight and narrow path, which is enough inspiration to be as diverse and creative about the headstone.

For example, you can choose a headstone with multiple vase holdings to add as many flowers as possible during your visits, a bench-like form attached to the headstone to sit on while you pay homage or a massive block where you can insert and enclose written notes. Some people like a modern contemporary design and may add digital markings like a QR code or barcode scanner that leads to information about the person or similarly beautiful content. Gravestones in Halifax say a lot about a person and the people who care for them, so do not be afraid to demonstrate your love and friendship with exciting designs.


Headstones have intricate designs that can feature a complex musical instrument, praying hands, memorable pictures, or birds, among many more. Let us help you choose the complexity of the beauty, so it is visible and long-lasting to several generations in the future.

Our gravestones demonstrate the versatility and are excellent in portraying the sad meaning of life. Check out our online collection, request a brochure for more information.

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