Each significant human error has a distinct way in which they connect with non-living loved ones. Our generation did not want anything to do with graveyards and death until technology made them more interesting again. Now, we appreciate the massive diversity of grave markers, headstones, and tombstones, because they have a beautiful impression of what we remember about our loved ones. The following is just a summary of what you need to know about a grave marker in New Brunswick so you can get the right one.

FAQ about grave markers

What is the difference between grave markers and headstones?

Grave markers are flat, whereas headstones are raised above the ground. The grave marker has different personalization designs, so you do not have to settle for a plain and boring detail like the name and date of the deceased.

Most people choose grave markers for tombstones in New Brunswick because they appreciate the subtle approach and do not want to draw attention to their family’s or loved one’s resting place. These flats have little or no effect on the natural vista and allow people to stroll by in peace. Undoubtedly, the grave marker is more affordable and a better option if you have limited funds for the memorial or burial.

What is the difference between a grave marker and a monument?

The monument is a structure that commemorates the person’s life and resting place and can be of massive size compared to other headstones. The grave marker is more of a memorial symbol because it is more straightforward and flat on the ground. This means you can get a monument in many shapes and sizes, including a life-sized animal or saint, whereas grave marker granite pet memorials will always be a flat standard shape on the ground.

Do you need to buy a grave marker?

Most cemeteries can create custom memorials in New Brunswick Canada for you by first clearing a space on the ground and installing materials to allow engraving of names, dates, and words that matter. Working with professional granite monument manufacturers is better because they can access various materials and technologies to diversify and make the marker as enjoyable as possible.

What are common types of grave markers?

  • Pillow top – These markers are similar to flat markers but slightly elevated at the back or generally three to eight inches. They, too, can have various decorations like images, vases, and multiple layers of headstones. Some people like customizations like open books, graphics, and colors to reflect the deceased’s life.
  • Flat top – A flat top is the simplest version, and it means exactly what the name implies; it has a flat top. The flat-top can sit right on the ground, but it is better if it is a couple of inches above because it protects the marker from potential damage by lawn mowers and water damage by rainwater.

Both grave markers can have different kinds of materials, like granite or granite. They also have a wide array of shapes like rectangles, a love shape, or round, among many more; hence there is no limit to what you can do while creating a unique marker. Request a brochure to view more of our customized gravestones in New Brunswick.

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