The oldest cemeteries worldwide are probably not even recognizable because people did not use the modern concepts of headstones to mark burial spots. It is likely that the oldest ones go far back to the Victorian era and are not in excellent condition because they did not have the best of materials and technology. You do not want to settle for a headstone that will crush and crumble in a couple of decades, whereas you can find tons of technology and tools to give your granite pet memorials extended life through multiple generations.

Headstone options with the best durability


Granite is probably the longest-lasting material among most and can last up to a century without falling apart or cracking. Granite has a broad range of rock types with different colors ranging from blues to reds and is the best when you want a natural rock with exceptional aesthetics and impeccable durability. Granite is a natural-made rock with structural integrity, consistent dentist, and high durability, making it less vulnerable to chipping and degradation. Why does granite stand out?

  • It has a solid structure to prevent or control physical deformation like ice splitting and abrasion.
  • Granite headstones can withstand chemical weathering like water and acid interactions.
  • Granite forms through volatile volcanic activity and is not vulnerable to biological weathering by microbes.

We recommend granite headstones if you want them to last hundreds of generations and have the time to maintain a good polishing routine to maintain the luster.


Marble is a typical pick because it is cheap and easy to carve and polish. The only issue with marble is the details or engravings will eventually erode with time, so you only have blurred dates, names, and carvings after a couple of decades. We have mastered the art of working on marble surfaces on custom memorials in Canada so you have a crystalline look that is easy to maintain.


Bronze is a definite elegant addition to headstone designs and is famous for its stable state against harsh weather. The headstone in Halifax does not need a lot of maintenance over time, but it may form discoloration that needs constant care after several decades.


Limestone is easy to carve but is not the most durable for customized gravestones in Halifax. It does not have to produce the same amount of polish as other stones and is bound to cracks due to its vulnerability to weather changes. We cannot deny that limestone has a clean and delicate texture that is beautiful and clear as soon as you get it from granite monument manufacturers.


This stone occurs naturally and is easy to use and carve. We recommend using fieldstones if you understand what keeps the decoration and sleek finish over a long time.

Materials have different durability levels because of their different compositions and creation processes. Some are aesthetically pleasing and will stay intact for years, while others are only so beautiful for a couple of years. Look at our online list of headstones and request a brochure for details on the best tombstones in Halifax.

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