Nelson Monuments prides itself on the convenience and quality materials we provide our customers. We strive to help you in the best way to meet your needs. We are committed to this industry and monument art, so when you purchase tombstones in Saint John from us, you are assured of honest, ethical business practices. Based on the feedback we have received from our customers, here are some of the reasons why they choose us:

We Handle All of Your Needs

When purchasing a gravestone for yourself or a loved one, as part of the funeral planning process, it is vital to work with a company that can handle all of your needs. You might find it exhausting to deal with many different companies when planning for a loved one’s burial. At Nelson Monuments, we want all of our customers to have the best memorial headstone Halifax.

We achieve this through our wide range of memorials, including gravestone designing, manufacturing, fixing and servicing permitting, and a lot more. For customized gravestones in Saint John and other required services, Nelson Monuments is the best company for you.


At Nelson Monuments, we understand that communication is extremely important during planning, especially with your cemetery. You must make sure that the gravestone you are making is within the cemetery rules and regulations. Every cemetery has specific guidelines in place for width, height and some even have a requirement for what you can inscribe on the gravestone.

Some cemetery also has standards on the kind of gifts you can leave at the gravesite. In addition to making everything properly crafted, we will handle all of the communication with your cemetery so as to relieve the responsibility off your shoulders.


With years of experience providing quality service, we are proud to be Halifax’s top turn-key monument manufacturer. We are committed to providing better customer service, designs, fabrication, installation, and the best results. We purchase only the best products in order to achieve a rich surface. The issues of fading come from cheaper materials.

When these materials are exposed to cold and hot elements, the oil and dye evaporate in patches, leaving the surface of the memorial grossly deteriorated. At Nelson Monuments, we don’t want you to worry about our monuments – that’s our job. Our monuments are fully guaranteed.

Memorializing Your loved Pet

A pet can love you freely and be unquestionably loyal. When your beloved pet passes away, Nelson Monuments will help keep the memory of your beloved pet cherished and strong. We can create granite pet memorials to honor your pets. We know that your pets deserve only the best, which you will find in our gallery.

Memorial Headstone Halifax

For several, Nelson Monuments has made reverent and timeless high-quality gravestones for families all over Halifax. As one of the best granite monument manufacturers, we take our work seriously, putting in the dedication and time your loved one deserves. We are here to help you with everything you may need to honor your loved one. Contact us today for more details about custom memorials in Saint John Canada. Request a brochure today!

Memorial Headstone Halifax

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