When creating a memorial monument for you or a loved one, you must ensure that the materials are not only beautiful but long-lasting. Granite stone is one of the most popular materials for creating gravestones, grave markers, or any type of memorial monument. Granite is a great choice for any gravestones as it is long-lasting and can be personalized to meet your specific needs.

Besides, granites are best for etching and inscriptions as they provide adequate contrast for the design and ensure legible engraving. At Nelson Monuments, we can supply and deliver finished granite monuments of almost any size. Here are some of the things you may want to know about the granite memorial Saint John.

Most Sophisticated Granite Choices for Tombstones in Saint John

Granite has several different natural colors. Most of the time, your choice of granite will come down to your preference. But there are some granite shades that look more sophisticated than others. Before choosing a granite gravestone for you or your family, you may want to contact the cemetery to find out about their cemetery rules or restrictions.

Some people choose to select granite colors to blend or complement the rest of the gravestones at the cemetery, while some other people will prefer to stand out. Here are some of the colors and varieties of granites headstones, each of which is available from Nelson Monuments.

Gray: This is the most popular choice of granite. These range in pattern and shade, from black and white speckles to charcoal gray varieties. Also, gray granite gravestones are one of the most economical options. If you want your gravestone to blend in with other parts of the cemetery, gray granite will likely be your best choice.

Brown: Brown is a great option for granite gravestones when your cemetery has lots of natural beauty. Brown granite ranges from coffee to tan. Sometimes the shades include red or black streaks. Brown granites provide a lot of natural distinction.

Black: This color gives a striking choice. You may want to go for a black granite if you or your loved one had a strong presence or particularly love black.

Red: The fact that red is an unusual granite color makes it an amazing choice for anyone that is cheerful and expressive. Red granite is usually combined with pink or black.

Pink: This is a popular granite shade for mothers and children, thanks to the soothing, warm, innocent tone. Pink granite ranges from light to dark and blends in well with most cemeteries.

Tombstones in Saint John

Whatever the type of granite you choose, we can make elegant gravestones from any color you choose. To learn more about our custom memorials in Saint John, Canada, call Nelson Monuments today. We are one of the best granite monument manufacturers in Saint John. We don’t just make gravestones for people; we also offer granite pet memorials, which you may want to keep in your backyard after the passing of your beloved pet. Request a brochure today for our granite memorial Saint John.

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