Nutritional and Supplement Manufacturer

The food and drinks we consume in our daily lives mostly do not constitute a balanced diet. That calls for action to arrest possible cases of malnutrition. One of the remedies is the use of dietary supplements. SolisLabs is a top nutritional and supplement manufacturer. All our services are offered by highly qualified personnel.

We are a natural product leader in the industry, and we are known not only for our effective and outstanding nutritional products, but also for our huge commitment to supporting the natural product industry, our clients, and our partners through education and training.

Which Services Do We Offer?

At SolisLabs, we provide the following array of quality services in nutritional and supplement manufacturing:

  • Formulation

We are involved in the formulation and development of products that are customized to meet individual client’s needs. That is done by our group of highly qualified scientists, pharmacists, and chemists.

  • Private Labeling

As a trusted manufacturer of dietary supplements, we partner with our clients through private labeling to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. A client’s label and ours both appear on the packages.

  • Manufacturing

At SolisLabs, our supplement products for health are manufactured and presented in the form of capsules, powder, and tablets. Our experts offer customized products in relation to the size, shape, and color of preference by the client.

  • Packaging

We design, package, and label our products in a way that distinguishes them from the competing brands. All this is done in-house and as per the preferences of our clients.

Which Health Supplement Products Do We Manufacture?

There are various types of nutritional and supplements that we manufacture at SolisLabs. They include:

  • Vitamins
  • Dietary supplements in their natural form.
  • Supplements for nutritional health

Are the Nutritional and Supplement Products We Manufacture Certified?

Yes. Our nutritional and supplement products are certified by:

  • GMP– Good Manufacturing Practices
  • FDA– Food and Drug Administration
  • NPA– Natural Products Association

What’s more, they have the Premium Quality Mark

What Are the Benefits of a Partnership in Nutritional and Supplement Manufacturing?

Entering into a partnership with us at SolisLabs comes with the following benefits:

  • It grants you access to the formulas we use in the manufacturing process
  • You benefit from the expertise in label designing
  • We meet all your needs

Which Health Supplement Products Does SolisLabs Manufacture?

The health supplement products manufactured at SolisLabs are in various categories:

  • Probiotics in their natural form
  • MCT supplement in oil form
  • Supplements for the growth of hair
  • Colon cleansing supplements
  • Supplements for male enlargement in a natural way
  • Supplement for Garcinia Cambogia

Join Us Today

Our high-quality nutritional and supplement products at SolisLabs are formulated and manufactured under certified conditions to ensure better health for our clients.

Additionally, partnering with us comes with benefits. We will help you remain competitive in the market place while at the same time realize your goals. SolisLabs is your go-to nutritional and supplement manufacturer.

We will ensure all your needs and concerns are addressed satisfactorily, right from formulation through packaging and labeling of your products. Feel free to contact us today on +1 (800) 857-1126.